Today’s Walk – 9/22/13

WalkingSurprise! I usually don’t walk on the weekends, but I woke up this morning wanting to walk. So I did! It’s the first day of autumn and it felt like it. Temps in the 40s, low dew points and a bright sun. It made for a pleasant walk, Squirrels were rushing about in a panic gripping nuts between their teeth. Fall, autumn, leaves, walking, weather

Sunday mornings are so quiet. Hardly any cars, no city buses, no folks on bikes going to work or class, no kids waiting at the curb for school buses. Just a really relaxing silence, except for the occasional passing car. All I saw, dog-sighting wise, was a guy walking two big, black fuzzy-wuzzy dogs. Also saw a runner. He had on this really bright orange jersey. He passed me, of course, with his zero-percent fat, lean runner’s frame.

I’m not zero-percent fat, by no means, and the only people I pass are walking slower than me. So, sometimes, I get mad at myself for having put on all this weight. It’s darn easy to put on weight. Just eat a lot of fat-inducing food and don’t move much.

Well, I’ve lost about five pounds (yay me!) since I started walking the first of this month, but I still have a long, long, long way to go.

One day at a time. That’s my mantra.

Remember, for any of you who are in the same boat…..

Start Time: 8:45 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, 47 degrees, dew point 45, wind ENE at 10 mph

Dog Sighting: Two being walked by this one guy reading a paper


6 thoughts on “Today’s Walk – 9/22/13

  1. Congrats on the five pounds!!! That’s usually all I lose and then put it right back on, so I hope you do better than me. And wow, good for you getting up and walking today! (I take Sunday’s off from exercising.)

  2. Thanks! I know, that’s my problem too. I have this barrier, the scale barrier, which I have been trying to cross for some time. It’s like the sound barrier, but even that was eventually broken. So, yeah, it won’t be smooth sailing once I crack that scale barrier, but it will be an accomplishment when I finally do because I’ve been struggling with it for so long. And, of course, the older one is, the harder it is to shed the pounds. Darn it! 🙂

    • These particular five pounds have been a bane for me. I’ve lost them then put them back on again. I am determined, however, to keep them off this time. We will see if I do. 🙂

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