Today’s Walk – 9/19/13

WalkingTropical. Sorta. Meaning it was a lot warmer and a lot muggier this morning. Thankfully there was no sun or it would have been steaming. We’re supposed to hit near 90 today, but that doesn’t surprise me. About this time of the year, the weather gets a bit confused.

Rained last night. Heard the thunder and wondered if I would be able to walk early today. rain, storm, walking, weatherFortunately, the rain stopped, but the air felt really muggy. No wonder. Darn dew point was 68. Anything over 60 you start to feel the moisture in the air.

A lot of times when I walk I mull over any thorny writing issues I’m having. A scene that’s not working; a character who won’t behave; a plot that goes nowhere. I usually come up with some kind of solution before the walk is done. Those endorphins again? It is pretty much a given that exercising helps with stress and depression.  I would imagine it also helps the brain work more efficiently.  Or, maybe, because you’re walking and pretty much just walking, the brain has nothing else to distract it. All I know is that it works, walking and mulling.

Start Time: 8:05 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Cloudy, 74 degrees, dew point 68, wind from the S at 11 mph.

Dog Sighting: 6, two people were walking two dogs, including two rather stately looking greyhounds


2 thoughts on “Today’s Walk – 9/19/13

  1. Yep, agree. I solved a major plot point in my novel while walking the dog. I hate winter, but this humid very warm stuff makes it difficult for me to breath as the allergens just hang in the air. So, today is rough, but hopefully we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled fall tomorrow.

  2. It’s almost as if summer is trying so hard to hang on. Summer is fine, don’t get me wrong, but I love fall colors and wearing sweaters and pumpkins and, well,I just love fall. I don’t like it to be freezing when I’m walking, but I do prefer it drier and cooler.I Feel more energetic.

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