Today’s Walk – 9/18/13

WalkingAs soon as I got back from the social media seminar, I decided to go ahead and walk this morning instead of in the evening. I figured the sooner I got my walking done, the better.  Then it’s not on my mind, and I’m less likely to come up with some lame excuse not to walk.

Warmer today and not just because I was walking later in the morning.  The wind was coming from the south instead of the north, as the Wind Map (at least for Wednesday, 9/18) indicated. It showed a southerly wind streaming up from the south as far north as the Canadian border, bringing those warmer temps.

According to the forecasts, we’re supposed to hit 89 on Thursday for a high, then plummet to a high of 69 on Friday and then stay in the low 70s for this week and next.

Baseball cap, walking, weatherIt was sunny when I walked. I always wear my baseball cap. Not only does it help to keep my head warm when it’s cool, but it shades my eyes from the sun. When the weather gets colder, I’ll have to switch to something that will also cover my ears.

I didn’t notice as much of my surroundings when I walked today. Too busy thinking about all the stuff I need to get done. Walking earlier in the morning, my head must be emptier or something.

Start Time: 9:35 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees, dew point 57, wind from the S at 12 mph.

Dog Sighting: 2