Today’s Walk – 9/17/13


There wasn’t much wind this morning so, although it was just as cool as it was Monday morning, the walk was more pleasant. But I will have to keep an eye on the wind speed from now on as we’re going to be talking wind chill factors pretty soon. I walked outside last fall and that wind chill can be nasty and make walking very unpleasant, if not downright painful when that -30 degree wind chill is freezing your skin. Wind chills like that I’m mall walking or, when I get the moolah together and I join the Y, walk there.

No sign of Gus. Saw two guys in blue scrubs today. One was coming home, the other leaving for work. There are two hospitals very near where I live so that makes sense. Must have been shift change.

No walking Wednesday morning. Attending a seminar on social media and it’s early in the morning. I mean, like 7:30 a.m. early in the morning. Thank goodness they also serve free breakfast. This will be a good opportunity for me to walk in the evening. Many moons ago I walked in the evenings because, back then, my kids were younger and I worked full-time and mornings were just too crazy to take time walking. However, walking in the evenings, especially after a day’s work, can be tricky. The temptation is just to veg out. But I did discover that walking after a day’s work can be a great decompressor of stress.  Could be all those endorphins.

It really helps to be flexible when it comes to walking or any kind of exercise. Routine is great, but routines can be disrupted. That’s when you have to be willing to break the routine for a bit to keep at it. Get back to the routine as soon as possible, but the only constant in life is change and we’ve all gotta be ready for it when it comes.

Start Time: 8:06 a.m

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Partly cloudy, 45 degrees, dew point 43. Wind was SSE at 1 mph

Dog Sighting: 4, a woman was walking 2

Guys in Blue Scrubs Sighting: 2


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