Today’s Walk – 9/16/13

WalkingThe first day of autumn is Sunday, September 22, so less than a week away but the weather was very fall-like. I almost went back for a pair of gloves, but not only did the wind die down a bit (or at least, it depended on which I was walking as to how chilly I felt), I got warmer as I continued to walk. We’re supposed to hit 83 by mid-week, but I would say we’re definitely in a cooling down trend, which means I will have to change my walking attire and find something warmer to wear.

Saw Gus again this morning. I was walking towards him, so we were cool. I went online to see if I could find a dog that looked somewhat like him. This was the closest I could find. I actually saw a few more dogs this morning, but their owners appeared somewhat eager to get the walks over.

Flowers are dying. That sunflower that stood so proudly just last week is withering and wilting. The leaves are also turning. And the sunlight has that unique autumnish look to it. Can’t really describe it. The light seems sharper, less diffuse, but it could be the dryness of the air. Dewpoint was 43, after all

I pass by a firehouse when I walk, which never fails to make me think about my new guilty pleasure. Chicago Fire. I never see any firemen, however. I know, silly of me to think I’m going to see some guy like this strolling around outside.  Especially in this weather. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I. 🙂 

Start Time: 8:05 a.m

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, 48 degrees but felt like 44, dew point 43. Bit of a wind, which made it even nippier.

Dog Sighting: 5, including Gus

Hot Firemen Sighting: Nada, zilch, none. *sigh*


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