Today’s Walk – 9/13/13

WalkingDefinitely chillier today! In the low 40s and there was a wind, making if feel even colder. Had to wear a jacket for the first time. Probably wouldn’t have hurt to have gloves either. Difference of 60 degrees in temperature from Monday’s heat indices in the 100s! Monday we were sweltering. Today we’re shivering. Dew point was in the 40s so air was as crisp as a cracker. Only saw a couple of folks walking dogs. Some people were still dressed as if we had Monday’s temps, but most must have felt that cold air last night and dressed appropriately.

Smelled wood burning as I was walking home, so fireplaces and/or wood-burning furnaces were on.

Today is supposed to be the coolest day, at least in these neck of woods. We’ll be back in 70s, but looking at the forecast looks like we’re definitely heading into that fall pattern. jacket

I’m done for the week for my morning walks. I work weekends and have too much to do before I head off to work. Back to it on Monday morning. I figure five days a week, walking 45 minutes each day, should be good for a start. I want to get to 60 minutes a day. I’m hoping by October I’ll be up for that. I should be. Probably could do it now, but I don’t want to push myself and then get frustrated and stop walking. I’ve been down that road before. Literally and figuratively.

Start Time: 7:25 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, 44 degrees but felt like 41, dew point 42, humidity 93% – very nippy!

Dog Sighting: Only 2, in the distance