Today’s Walk – 9/12/13

WalkingTemp this morning was 63 degrees. Now, any other time 63 would feel pretty warm (especially when you’re coming out of winter, 63 feels practically balmy!) but we had 100 degree heat indices just two days ago, so it felt very fall-like. Dewpoint is down also. About 30 degrees lower and the drier air also makes it feel cooler.

All in all it made for good walking weather. I prefer it a bit nippy when I walk. Actually, I notice that some leaves are starting to fall. They weren’t falling the other day, but just this change in the weather seems to have set some kind of process in motion. Even the squirrels and chipmunks seem more agitated. Scurrying about like folks preparing for a storm.

Fall leavesWhen it starts to turn cool like this, and it’s almost the middle of September, of course, I can’t help but think of fall. My favorite season, by the way. But, good grief, they’ve got the Halloween stuff out in the stores already. Really? Seriously? I love Halloween, but can’t they at least wait until October 1st? Nah!

Start Time: 8:25 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, 63 degrees, dew point 57, humidity 81% (felt like fall, but 63 really isn’t that cool, but feels cool after 100 plus heat index!)

Dog Sighting: 4 (but people seem to be less leisurely with their dog walking- the nip in the air perhaps?)

Cat Sighting: 1, a gray and white longhair