Today’s Walk – 9/9/13

WalkingBecause I want to, no, scratch that, because I NEED to lose 65 pounds, I have started a regimen of walking. I walk for 40 minutes around the neighborhood. It is an older residential area with a lot of trees and close to a major campus and the downtown area. The residents are a mixture of older folks, graduate students (I suspect the undergrads prefer to live within walking distance of the campus and campus bars), young families in starter houses and dogs.

Lots of dogs.

So as a way to, I hope, keep myself on track, I will record my walking regimen on this blog. I power walk, but  I’m working my way up to, yes, eventually running. Not quite there yet, however. Not even close, but here goes.

Start Time: 7:20 a.m

Walk Duration: 45 minutes

Weather (an important factor when you’re walking outside!): 71 degrees, dew point 67 (sticky!) and humidity was 87%. (ugh!). Hazy, mostly cloudy, but sun did peek through on occasion, making it even more steamy.

Dog sightings: 3

*UPDATE* – Glad I get my walk in this morning. A heat index is forecast for this afternoon of 100 degrees! Yikes!

*UPDATE* – I don’t mean to suggest by citing how many dogs I see while I walk that I DON’T want to see any. As a matter of fact, I love seeing them and, when  I get a chance I try to find out what kinds of dogs they are. I see so many different breeds.


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